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Modern Bedroom Wall Lights Ideas to Enhance your Space

by Media Clans on Apr 05, 2023

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an inviting and comfortable home. With the right lighting, you can transform the atmosphere of any room and enhance the overall look and feel of your space. In this article, we’ll explore modern bedroom wall lights ideas that will help you take your bedroom decor to the next level.

Wall lights are a practical and stylish addition to any bedroom. They can be used to brighten up dark corners, highlight walkways, and provide higher-level illumination that creates a cozy and homely space. Wall lights are also versatile and can be controlled via dimmer switches to set the mood of the room. In addition, they are space-saving, which makes them an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms.

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One of the best places to install wall lights is in the bedroom. Wall lights provide higher-level illumination than table lamps and save bedside table space, making them a practical and modern lighting solution. Additionally, wall lights are perfect for creating a playful and stylish aesthetic in your bedroom.

Wall lighting is also an excellent addition to other rooms in your home. For instance, you can use wall lights to create a welcoming entrance in hallways or landings, providing necessary illumination into other rooms. Wall lights in living areas, when combined with ceiling pendants, table lights, and floor lights, create a “lightscape” that ensures there’s always lighting to suit a specific task or mood.

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When installing wall lights, the placement is key. Several factors should be considered before installation, including the height, spacing, and location of the fixture.

Height: It is best to avoid installing wall lights at a height where you are going to walk into them or be eye level with an exposed bulb. Mounting lights approximately six feet from floor level can be used as a rough guide, although the height of your family members, ceiling, and the size of the fixture will come into play when determining this!

Spacing: One fixture every six to eight feet should be adequate, although you may want slightly more or less space between lights depending on the lumen output of the light bulb you are using or the size of the room. Open plan spaces may require more fixtures to create a similar impact and lighting effect. It’s also worth considering the line of the wall lights prior to fixing – sometimes staggering fittings so that they purposefully don't line up symmetrically or horizontally across a hallway leads to a more natural configuration, but equally, having a pair of wall lights in a small space that don’t line up can look odd. It’s all about personal preference and important to consider the fitting you’ve specifically chosen for your intended space.

Location: Narrower rooms, halls, and stairwells with heavy traffic are best lit by mounted fixtures that keep a low profile and don’t protrude too far into the space – be sure to measure the depth of a fitting before purchasing to ensure it’s going to work well.

Creating a Statement

Wall lights can create a feature in your bedroom, giving you more options when designing your space. With the decorative nature of many wall light designs, they can be arranged in groups or clusters to create a statement in your home.

Material and Shape

The wall lights you choose should coordinate well with the rest of your interior scheme to create an effortless look. Choosing a shape that mirrors the curves of furnishings, marries with other fixtures in the same area, or is made from the same material as other assets in the space is a good way to ensure a wall light will look at home in its intended area.

Our modern wall lights come in an array of wood types to ensure there is a guaranteed match with your interior. Our wide range of contemporary designs will suit an array of property styles.