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Iron Lighting Designs: Adding Rustic Charm to Your Abodes

by Media Clans on Mar 20, 2023

Iron lighting designs have been around for centuries, and they continue to bring an old-world charm to modern homes. In this blog, we will discuss how iron lighting designs can add grandeur and opulence to your decor, and we'll explore some of the different styles that you can incorporate into your living space.

Why Iron Lighting Designs Are Timeless.

Iron lighting designs are characterized by the use of robust materials and the craftsmanship that goes into crafting them. They have been an important part of many design styles that have existed since ancient times, including the Victorian era, the French Renaissance era, the Spanish Colonial design, the Tuscan design, and the Mediterranean design.

Iron lighting isn’t that difficult to incorporate into your decor. The light library brings to you a thoughtfully curated list of lighting techniques that would give your home a gorgeously rustic touch. Whether you are looking for a modern or industrial design, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Creating The Classy Neo-Modern Look

The modern design style has evolved over the years, and so has the way iron lighting designs were used in decor. The neo-modern vibe is what most people opt for now, which adds just the depth and rusticity to your decor. For a perfect neo-modern lighting layout, consider installing European-inspired iron lighting fixtures.


The Light library offers a range of iron lighting designs that will transform your home with their old-world charm. Here are some of our favourites:

Victorian Chandelier

When most people think "chandelier", this classic design is what comes to mind. Stunning with an elaborate, three-runged frame in antique gold, this beauty has glittering crystal beads strung all over its magnificent body. Truly majestic in height, this piece is built to be a double height chandelier, perfect for duplex apartments and large rooms with tall ceilings.

SPARKLE Crystal Chandelier

This SPARKLE - 15 Light Chandelier is a beautiful piece from our crystal chandelier collection. This light source has a clean, spotless crystal adornment that gives it a nice shimmer. With its sophisticated beauty and stunning details, it is sure to add the perfect touch to your décor.

FAWN Chandelier

Adorned with beautiful hand-cut crystals, hand-formed crystal arms swoop gracefully from a decorative stem, supporting a set of exposed candelabras upon their ends. Embellishing upon a classic silhouette, this bold and distinguished chandelier is accented with decadent crystal drops that sparkle below its frame, dressing up both this contemporary piece and the spaces it illuminates.

CALYPSO Pendant Light

Introducing the CALYPSO-Premium Metal Pendant Light by the light library is a must-have for anyone who loves beautiful, unique design. This chandelier is made of black metal with an amber finish glass, and it's one of our best sellers and most loved designs. You can add amber finish led filament bulbs for best looks, or use them for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Iron lighting designs are usually associated with the neo-modern, mid-century, and ancient European design styles. However, the industrial design style makes heavy use of iron fixtures. Industrial design is modern enough and rustic enough to give your home a unique look.

The advantage of an industrial vibe over the old-world decor is that the latter often requires polished and sleek iron lighting fixtures that could often be described as regal and resplendent. With industrial design, you only have to worry about achieving a monochromatic decor with aged or battered iron lighting designs.



Iron lighting designs bring an old-world charm to modern homes, and they are versatile enough to fit into a range of design styles.

Whether you are looking for a modern or industrial design, there are plenty of options to choose from.Consider incorporating iron lighting designs into your decor to add an alluring touch to your beautiful abode.